Clinical Research


Hexapeptide increasing the volume of adipose tissue in most important places on the face and body improves the look of the face and makes it possible to attain an attractive body shape. Adifyline stimulates an active receptor stimulating the adipogenesis process. As a result, adipose tissue gets accumulated (accumulation of lipids) and its volume increases in places such as breasts or cheeks.
Increases the volume of adipose tissue in places of application, which helps improve the look of the skin.
  • Beautiful shape despite gravity
  • Stimulates the adipogenesis process (accumulation of lipids)
  • Increases the quantity of panniculus adiposus of the cheek
  • Helps attain a shapely look of the body
Skin becomes thinner with age, loses its firmness, gravity causes strain on the skin that leads to irreversible and visible changes in the look of the skin and the body. What is more, adipose tissue beneath the skin that plays the role of a protective layer shifts and its quantity is reduced in certain parts of the body such as cheeks, breasts and hands. The importance of a shapely and proportionate body in our times makes people look for effective and non-aggressive (non-invasive) methods of tissue volume increase. PGC-1 α is a transcriptional co-factor that interacts with the active receptor Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor PPARy, a key transcription factor in the adipogenesis process and fat storage. Adifyline stimulates the release of PGC-1 α, influences the accumulation of lipids in the adipose tissue. It improves the face shape and models the body shape in this manner.
The substance can be a component of various cosmetic compositions for face or bust modelling and other products in which the filling effect is desirable.
  • ADIPOSE TISSUE VOLUME INCREASE IN THE BREASTS The cheek tissue volume increased by 12% after 14 days of adifyline application


Trylagen® is a combination of active peptides and proteins that restore the proper level of collagen fibres to young and mature skin and, at the same time, maintain their correct structure that guarantees their long-term functionality and ensures the young and healthy look of the skin.

In the course of the skin aging process, the synthesis of collagen becomes less intense, fibres become disorganized and degraded due to the activity of enzymes, which damages the connective tissue and, as a result, leads to the loss of the multilayered skin protection and the appearance of wrinkles.

Trylagen® impacts the collagen in three different phases of the entire collagen synthesis process and performs three functions:
  • intensifies the synthesis of collagen types I, III i IV,
  • controls the correct structure and level of collagen fibres,
  • protects the collagen from enzymes destroying it.

Trylagen® can be a component of various cosmetic compositions in which the aging process delay effect is desirable.

Results of in vitro research
Increase by 128% in Collagen I synthesis after 15 days of application. Collagen I is responsible for skin resistance and flexibility. 81% increase in Collagen I synthesis after 15 days of application. Collagen IV creates basal membranes constituting the support for the lamina. Collagen III production is three times as large with the highest dosage. Young skin contains the majority of Collagen III. However, cells lose their ability to produce this type of collagen with time

Hydroxyprolinsilane C

Hydroxyprolinsilane C
Regenerative properties of HYDROXYPROLISILANE CN® can be used directly to fight stretch marks that usually appear after pregnancy or a weight reduction diet and weight loss.